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Clinical VantageSM

An innovative approach to pharmacy benefits management

Clinical VantageSM is a suite of clinical programs from first.dba designed to fit your pharmacy benefit needs. Clinical VantageSM provides solutions that use evidence-based clinical and technological innovations designed to improve overall clinical outcomes for your members and reduce your health care expenditures.
other.dba has been providing its unique and valuable perspective on total pharmacy and medical management for 20 years. We are proud to be the first pharmacy benefit manager to achieve all four URAC Pharmacy Quality Management accreditations and our clinical programs have been recognized by URAC two years in a row for innovation and robust program impact.

We give our clients the flexibility to select a single program or multiple interventions to achieve their goals. The Clinical VantageSM continuum starts from low-touch programs and includes high-touch programs, with associated increases in quality of care and/or cost savings.
Clinical VantageSM is driven by four key objectives. Viewed separately, each objective provides specialized solutions for your particular needs. Taken together, they provide powerful synergies to help you achieve your clinical and economic goals.

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